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Good Space meeting, TURF and event terms and conditions

The terms and conditions are used to explain to hirers how we run our meeting, co-working and event space. In these terms and conditions, we use ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ to mean Northern Creative Solutions/Good Space, and ‘you’ and ‘your’ to mean the hirer of the space.

Good Space meeting and event spaces
We have six meeting and event spaces plus our co-working space. Our spaces can be booked between 9.30 and 20.30 Monday to Thursday and between 9:30 and 17:30 on Friday. We may be able to take weekend bookings by special arrangement.

Public meetings and events
You must inform us in advance upon making your booking if you are advertising your meeting or event publicly and inform us of the the nature of the event.

Important: Please note that the facilitator of the booking is responsible for tracking the attendance of publicly advertised meetings/events and must ask attendees to sign up in advance.

You will be required to bring your guest list with you to your booking and provide a volunteer to check attendees off the list as they arrive. All attendees must also sign in at the Good Space reception.

Booking confirmation
Your booking is not secure until you have confirmed it via your Bookings Plus account. Please do not promote your meeting or event until your booking is confirmed.

We reserve the right to remove your booking from our system if you have not confirmed within 5 working days of the provisional booking being made.

Late notice bookings (5 working days or less until the booking date) will be confirmed by the Good Space Host at the time of booking.

Cancelling your booking
You must tell us in writing (email) as soon as possible if you need to cancel your booking. We will make the following charges for cancellations:
100% of the booking cost if you cancel 7 days or less before the booking date
If the booking has been cancelled with more than 7 days’ notice you will receive a credit note.

We reserve the right to cancel or rearrange a hiring, including regular bookings at our discretion. We will refund any charges already paid. We also reserve the right to change our charges and conditions of use at any time. We will tell you about any changes to your booking, charges and terms and conditions.

Invoices are raised approximately 4 weeks in advance of the booking date.
We operate a pay in advance policy, payment is due by the first booked date on your invoice. We reserve the right to refuse entry if payment is not received before your booking commences.

Important: Bookings will not be accepted if you have outstanding invoices on your account.

Payment methods
GoCardless: preferred method, click the ‘Pay by GoCardless’ button on your invoice.

Cash or cheque:
To be agreed in writing in advance if payment is to be made on the first booked date on your invoice.

BACS payments:
Please use the invoice number (starting GS+number) as a payment reference and email a remittance: finance@goodspacene.org.uk

Using our spaces
When booking allow sufficient time to set up and clear up your booked space; you will be unable to access the room before the booked time.

There will be an additional charge if your meeting does not finish on time.

We will ask you for room set up information at the time of booking. If you need to rearrange the furniture on the day of your booking, please speak to a member of the Good Space host team.

We are unable to accept bookings with noisy activities due to disruption to other users of Good Space.

We can provide tea and coffee for your meeting, please inform us of your refreshment requirements at the time of booking.

We charge 60p per head for one serving of tea and coffee and 40p per head for one serving of biscuits. Our tea and coffee is fair trade and our biscuits are sourced locally.

You may organise your own outside catering; we can provide you with a list of recommendations for local caterers. Please inform us as to what time your caterers will arrive. We ask that you take any leftover catering away with you at the end fo the day.

Fire safety, health and safety, and first aid
The facilitator of the booking must make themselves known to the Good Space Host upon arrival before entering the meeting room or co-working space.

We will provide the facilitator or TURF user with a Health and Safety and Fire Safety briefing of Good Space. You are responsible for the safety of the people attending your meeting or event and for passing relevant safety information onto them. The Good Space fire evacuation map is at both reception and by the front door and is on display in the meetings rooms.

You are responsible for carrying out your own risk assessment on the meeting and event space. If you need to arrange a visit to Good Space to carry out a risk assessment, please ask one of the Good Space Hosts.

A first aid box is provided in the Good Space reception. If anyone is injured at Good Space you must make a report of the accident in our accident report book, which is in reception.

Cleaning and damage
We will provide a clean and tidy room for you to use and we expect the room to be left in the same way. If you damage any part of the building, building contents or grounds, we may need to pass on the cleaning or repair costs.

Car park
We are unable to provide parking.

Our insurance policy covers injury or accident caused by the building only. You are responsible for having the right type and level of insurance to cover your activities.

Personal property
Good Space and Northern Creative Solutions cannot accept responsibility for any personal property left on the premises.

If you want to consume alcohol in Good Space, you must inform us in advance and gain our permission to do so. If we approve a request to serve alcohol you will be responsible for ensuring that all drinkers are of legal age. Under age drinking is illegal and will not be tolerated anywhere in the building.

If you want to sell alcohol as part of your event, you must get our permission first and obtain the relevant license from Newcastle City Council.

Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building.


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